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The Wildcat! Interactive Net Server comes in three basic configurations: Community Edition, Business Edition and Enterprise Edition. All three configurations may be easily expanded with additional products from Mustang or third-party vendors so your system can grow along with your business or enterprise. Which one is right for you? Take a look at the following and then choose the edition that meets your current needs as well as your anticipated growth.

Community Edition

The Community Edition includes all the basic Wildcat! Interactive Net Server features like messaging, chat and file libraries, and supports up to two authenticated users at a time (there is no limit on the number of Web surfers). You also get full Internet connectivity, a secure online commerce engine and subscription module (wcSubscribe), and a one year license to distribute a logo-branded custom version of the Wildcat! Navigator.

The Community Edition is typically used by someone who may want to create a home page on the Web and maybe provide one or two dial-in lines for those without Internet access. The hardware requirements are minimal. It could be described as a small system and may have 1-2 dial-in lines with a dial-up or ISDN Internet feed. The hardware might consist of a 486/66 with 8-16 MB RAM running Windows 95 using standard serial ports COM1 - COM4, and an optional Internet feed.

Business Edition

The Business Edition supports up to 16 authenticated users at a time (there is no limit on the number of Web surfers) and includes everything that the Community Edition has, plus our database reporting and statistics tool (wcReports), an e-mail list server (wcListServer), and one full year of toll free technical support via the Platinum TECHelp program.

The Business Edition is typically used when a small company needs to implement Internet access or provide a dial-in connection for customers. It is a popular choice for the Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) market. The hardware might consist of a Pentium 90 with 16-32 MB RAM running Windows 95 or NT, perhaps using an 8 or 16 port intelligent serial interface card for the dial-in lines (if needed). It may also have a local TCP/IP LAN connection to allow Intranet connectivity from other PCs in the office and an ISDN or faster Internet feed.

Enterprise Edition

The Enterprise Edition supports up to 64 authenticated users at a time (there is no limit on the number of Web surfers) and is designed to be deployed in a corporate environment. It includes everything the Business Edition has plus a license for wcExchange, our Intranet mail solution. With wcExchange, LAN users can access all the messaging features of the Wildcat! Interactive Net Server via their Microsoft Exchange (a.k.a. Windows Messaging) Inbox client right on their desktop.

In a busy environment the hardware might include a Pentium 100 with 48+ MB RAM for server operations, and perhaps an optional Pentium 90 with 16 MB RAM for off-loading some of the dial-in or telnet activity. The need for a second PC depends on the number and type of connections and user activity.

A Note About "Typical Systems"

It’s hard to describe a "typical" system, and even harder to create an accurate technical specification for the hardware required. The above specifications and suggestions are merely that, as differences in call volume, connection speed, type of system activity and even the hardware itself has an impact on the requirements. Our general suggestions above represent feedback from real system installations. In some cases, the minimum hardware and memory will be sufficient, while others will require fine tuning and additional RAM or hardware. We suggest starting any system with the most aggressive hardware configuration supported by your budget and making alterations as the system grows.