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Auto Update Plan

The Auto Update Plan (AUP) is the only way to keep your Wildcat! Interactive Net Server up to date with the latest technological advances and features!

The online world is constantly changing and new technologies emerge daily. How do you keep up? By subscribing to the Auto Update Plan. A monthly subscription costs about the same as lunch for two, and gives you instant access to the latest features for your Wildcat! Interactive Net Server that your users will appreciate and love. Owners of Wildcat! system software can log into the Auto Update Server through modem or Internet and automatically receive the latest upgrades. The Auto Update Server automatically verifies what the individual user has installed, checks Santronics' software library for the newest upgrades, and then downloads and installs the latest revisions. The Auto Update Server is available to both new purchasers and existing Wildcat! users that are members of Mustang’s Auto Update Plan (AUP).

We also offer a CD-ROM containing a "snapshot" of the latest version of WIN Server at the time you order the CD. Current AUP subscribers can purchase the CD-ROM for $19.95 plus tax and shipping, while the cost for registered non-subscribers is $49.95 plus tax and shipping. These CDs are custom-built to contain the WIN Server products you own, so please allow two to three weeks for delivery  To purchase the CD-ROM, please call customer service at 305-248-3204, and please have your WIN Server registration number ready.

Please note that we are continually developing the WIN Server product. We make no guarantee that your CD will be current beyond the day that your receive it. Any updates issued after the date you receive your CD will require you to either purchase a new CD or subscribe to the AUP to stay current.

The electronic Auto-Update Server works in conjunction with Santronics' electronic Product Registration Server. As you install the Wildcat! Interactive Net Server or its add-ons, a product registration form is filled out and the special AUP server client makes a connection to the Registration Server, via telnet or a toll-free 800 number. With Santronics' AUP Server, the first-time users will register product information while the AUP client checks the product version. During the initial connection, the AUP client can download an update (for free) while you are initially registering the product. The AUP client then scans your system for installed Wildcat! Interactive Net Server software and accessories, and compares the versions installed with the latest versions available. If the AUP server finds a newer version, the AUP client will request updated software, download it, and automatically install the software on your system. AUP client even makes a backup copy of the original software that was replaced. Additionally, the AUP Server tracks received upgrades through our customer database, providing detailed information for technical support personnel if any troubleshooting is required.

Check out what the AUP can do for you...

Keeping your software up-to-date has never been easier!
Three clicks of the mouse is all it takes to get started. The AUP Wizard makes the call for you, and you can connect to the AUP server 24 hours a day. The Wizard automatically checks for the most recent versions of your installed items and requests the newest updates. Once they are downloaded, the updates self-install in seconds.

Keep current without breaking the bank!
The monthly AUP subscription is less than lunch for two. You can use Internet connection for even greater savings.

AUP makes troubleshooting a breeze.
The AUP Server provides our technical support department with detailed information that helps our technical support personnel quickly troubleshoot any problems you may have.