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wcReports is a database management utility and more! With wcReports, virtually any information related to your Wildcat! Interactive Net Server is at your fingertips.

In addition to displaying vital system information in real-time, the wcReports package offers webmasters and Intranet system administrators the ability to manage message forums and file libraries. The program can analyze demographic information entered on system polls/questionnaires and export any Wildcat! data set to a variety of formats including simple mailing labels, .DBF, Excel, Paradox, fixed length ASCII and comma delimited ASCII formats. wcReports can also create statistical information in GIF format derived from any area for integration into HTML pages.

The wcReports system allows administrators to keep a watchful eye on system resources and activity by giving real-time information on what is happening on the Wildcat! Interactive Net Server at any time. System activity including message counts, active conferences and user logons are displayed on a tab accessed screen. Additional tabs allow access to user databases, file areas, message stores, questionnaires and statistics features. Administrators can also access a command file area for creation of timed activities that can automatically run any wcReports function unattended.

The system can then perform actions based on the results of the match either individually, on portions of the group, or on the group as a whole. These could range from deleting users that have not participated in the system for more than 30 days, automatically scanning and upgrading users from a low access status to higher membership, or even as specific as listing users that have logged on in the last 7 days, downloaded more than 3 files, and indicated in a questionnaire that Internet Explorer is their favorite browser.

Check out what wcReports can do for you...

Analyze Your System Usage in Seconds—Just Point and Click!
Use the statistics reporting features to analyze the usage of your system’s resources. wcReports helps you make informed decisions when it comes time to expand your system.

Master your Domain!
Spend less time maintaining your system by using wcReports to browse and modify your Wildcat! Interactive Net Server’s user, file and message databases. The powerful match filters let you isolate specific groups of users and files quickly and easily.

Expand Your Marketing Horizons!
Use wcReports to export your user database to popular database formats for use with a mail merge or contact management program. Use match filters to produce targeted mailing lists. You can even print directly to many popular mailing label formats.

wcReports works late so you don’t have to!
With the ability to run in batch mode via command files, wcReports can automate your routine maintenance tasks and run them in unattended mode when system usage is at its lowest.

Notable Features

  • User Manager
    Match filters make it easy to select members by security profile, dates, sex, and more so you can manage your user database like never before!
  • File Manager
    Create file lists for download, purge your system of files with no activity, change prices and other flags in a matter of minutes, and more!
  • Message Manager
    Prune your message bases, export messages as text files, and quickly browse through your conferences—all based on matching criteria.
  • Questionnaire Processor
    Create meaningful graphs and reports based on the answers to your questionnaires and polls.
  • Statistics Processor
    Includes a comprehensive statistics processor which creates thorough reports based on your system activity in text, HTML and ANSI.