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All the fun of Las Vegas without the white tigers, flaming volcanoes or Wayne Newton!

wcCasino is a suite of Las Vegas-style games that offers system administrators and Internet Service Providers an added attraction to their sites. The action-packed suite boasts three games of chance including blackjack, poker and roulette, and each game provides multimedia action with sound, chat and plenty of fun. Each game is self-contained for single user "offline" play and multi-player when connected to a Wildcat! Interactive Net Server enabled with a wcCasino game server. wcCasino may be just what your users need to make your site their home.

Keep surfers coming back with your own virtual casino!

In order to compete with the thousands of other sites vying for the online consumer, you need to provide content that compels the online surfer to visit your site. wcCasino is ideal for drawing Internet surfers to your site and keeping them coming back for more. You can corner the online entertainment market in your area by becoming an Internet Entertainment Provider with the wcCasino Game Pack #1.

Subscription-type sites can use the casino suite as a pay-for-play option to their regular subscription services. A bonus of wcCasino’s addicting action is that its content is self-generating. It doesn’t require much maintenance once it’s installed and running, and the system can even generate HTML pages listing the top money winners. You can also conduct tournaments for your users and give away prizes like enhanced access or subscriptions.

Each game allows users to role play by selecting a name and a cartoon character face to represent them at the table. The user can configure his bet amounts and chat with other players at the table. The system administrator has complete control over table limits, starting cash, game speed and much more.

Check out what wcCasino Game Pack #1 can do for you...

Plug ‘n Play: wcCasino maintains and generates its own content
wcCasino is ideal for busy system administrators. All you need to do is install it and let your users start having fun!

wcCasino is a home run swinger guaranteed to increase your Web site’s hit rate!
Once online surfers try these fun and addicting games, they’ll want to visit your Wildcat! Interactive Net Server site again and again.

Net bigger profits by nailing more subscriptions
With the Wildcat! Interactive Net Server’s built-in subscription module, you can easily grab impulse subscribers by offering them fun and unique interactive games beyond your normal services.

Become an Internet Entertainment Provider
Transform your site from a simple page server into an online service with awesome, interactive, multi-player games.

Check out these features:

  • Self-maintaining content
    Less site maintenance means more free time for you.
  • Automatic housekeeping
    wcCasino maintains player status to keep the tables open and action continuous.
  • Configurable security
    Reward subscribers with different games, hours of operations and levels of play.
  • Player information editor
    Gives you ultimate power to adjust player settings, security, winnings, and more.
  • Live casino sound, music, and dealer narration
    Keeps gamblers interested knowing what’s happening at the table and in the casino at every moment.
  • Games are fully self-contained
    Play solo off-line to learn them, then compete online against other players when connected to any wcCasino server.
  • Configurable Casino name
    Customize it to fit your Wildcat! Interactive Net Server’s personality.
  • Closed/open access
    Accept or reject new players. Great for separating tournament players from regular ones.
  • HTML Top Ten List
    Publish the top winner’s names and their net worth.
  • Real-time chat system
    Players can exchange messages on play and strategy.
  • User selectable nickname and player icon
    Players can role-play with fun names and caricatures.
  • Automated Teller Machine
    Players can bank their winnings for later use.