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The Most Complete "Multi-Device" Internet/Intranet Solution!

More than just a Web server, the Wildcat! Interactive Net Server provides solutions for a broad range of Internet and Intranet needs. Besides acting as a Web, FTP, Telnet, and SMTP/POP3 e-mail server, the Wildcat! Interactive Net Server gives webmasters and system administrators the power to provide truly interactive Web content with threaded messaging, indexed document retrieval, user authentication, secure commerce and real-time chat, and more! With 32-bit, multithreaded power, easy set-up and administration, and flexible expandability, the Wildcat! Interactive Net Server is the perfect platform to build or augment your online presence.

You heard the new buzz word, "Multi-Device"? Microsoft just "invented it". The funny thing is, WINServer has always been a Multi-Device System!! Single Source "Server" provides information to any device, in any FORMAT you like! Its ready for the Future! TODAY! Ideal for the System Integrator or System Designer who needs a powerful, secured, scalarable intranet for new device connectivity!!

Here are just a few capabilities which set the Wildcat! Interactive Net Server apart from the competition:

Dial-up Connectivity

Don’t limit your potential audience to only those people who are already connected to the Internet. Less than one third of people who own a computer and modem currently have access to the Internet. With the Wildcat! Interactive Net Server, users can connect directly to your server via dial-up modem without all the hassle of setting up Winsock, Dial-Up Networking or other Internet connectivity utilities. All a Windows user needs is the Wildcat! Navigator and a modem and they can connect directly to your system. You can even give them access to browse the Web via their dial-up connection if your server is linked to the Internet.

Security & User Authentication

What’s the use of putting up a Web server if you have no way to tell who’s surfing your site? With the Wildcat! Interactive Net Server, you can require users to log on with a unique name and password, and easily gather demographic information from the customers and prospects who hit your site. And Wildcat!’s user authentication even lets you tailor the information to which they have access on your site. For example, with a single Wildcat! Interactive Net Server you could target potential customers with sales information, existing customers with support information, and your own employees with human resources information.

Platform Independent

Not only can Windows users download the Wildcat! Navigator to access your site, but anyone with a web browser can participate in your Wildcat! Interactive Net Server’s threaded message bases and file libraries. Plus, Active HTML opens your door to Macintosh users and virtually anyone connected to the Internet and lets them become part of your community on the ‘Net.

Server Access Control

The Internet is a wide open frontier of information and one of the most exciting new technologies that’s come along in the past 10 years. But, as with almost any new frontier, you may have some concerns about what information is available via your server. The Wildcat! Interactive Net Server gives you the power to block access to specific Internet sites you may deem unsuitable for your audience. You can even limit access to only a specified list of addresses. This feature is ideal for educators that would like to provide limited Internet access to their students.