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Silver Xpress Mail Reader

The Silver Xpress Mail Reader is an electronic mail product which allows computer users to read and create mail on a PC without being connected to an on-line computer host system. Users collect mail from off-line Mail Host systems such as the Silver Xpress Mail Host, or any other QWK-based Mail Host Sytem, in compressed mail format usually called a mail packet. The Silver Xpress Mail Reader will decompress the mail packet and present the mail in a very user friendly fashion. The user can print, save to folders, reply to and create new messages. The ability to read and reply to mail off-line translates into remendous cost savings, particularly for those gathering large amounts of mail.

The Silver Xpress Mail Reader, which includes built-in PKZIP 2.0 compression, will decompress mail packets and present them to the user in a very friendly fashion. From there, users have a variety of options including mail creation and reply, printing, saving to file folders, additional search routines...all at a tremendous cost savings, they login and out of the remote system quickly. The extended options are seemingly endless and include:

  • Complete Offline Configuration
  • Offline Fax Services
  • Signatures, Taglines, Reply Headers
  • Support for PCBoard/Wildcat! Color Codes
  • Unlimited Keyword Searching/Filters
  • Built-in Hypertext Help System
  • Custom Colorized Menuing System
  • Speech Friendly Interface
  • Forms Processing
  • Window, Sound Creation
  • Answering Machine
  • Internet Addressing
  • File Requesting/Attaching
  • Picklist, File Cabinets
  • RIP Viewer!

Still not convinced that the Silver Xpress Reader is the world's most powerful off-line mail reader, and the most powerful alternative to your existing QWK system? Then grab an evaluation copy of the Silver Xpress Offline Mail Reader.

There is also a wcListServer available for the Silver Xpress Offline Mail Reader. Send Email to, and include JOIN or SUBSCRIBE in the message body. And grab your copy of the Silver Xpress LIST to easily locate Boards in your area which offer the Silver Xpress Mail Door for Offline Mail Reading and Replying.