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iFTP "Intelligent FTP Client"

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One of the hottest products on the internet, iFTP is a powerful FTP client with a robust and advanced FTP scripting language.  It's almost a Real Language!

With iFTP, you have a powerful, very easy to use, scripting language to design reliable automated FTP sessions.   In addition to dialing capabilities, the rich scripting language offers a wide range of commands similar to the DOS COPY and MOVE commands,  logical IF condition commands, error checking commands and many other  scripting commands not available in any other FTP client.  

DOWNLOAD DEMO  (Note: A 30 day Evaluation Key is required to evaluate this program.)

A sampling of iFTP installations worldwide include the National Weather Service, Sun Oil, Warner Music Group, First Plus Financial, Lottery Comm. of W. Australia, Applied Intelligent Systems, Jim Hubbard and Associates, Bailey Interactive, Stanley Mail Media, Switzerland Hotel Assoc., Queron B.V, Bank Depozytowo - Poland, OEM Solutions, Securities Analytics, OPTX Corp, Westwood College of Technology, KPMG, Moore Business Systems.

Hey Fidonet Sysops!  iFTP offers a powerful way to write strong scripting FTP sessions for your Fidonet FTP based operations, complete with examples!   The cost?   Only $49.00. 

Update now available!  Please refer to the Press Release